Visiting Omaha, Nebraska for the CSTA 2018 conference

In July, I was able to attend and deliver a number of sessions at the Computer Science Teachers’ Association (CSTA) conference in Omaha, Nebraska. I’d previously visited schools in California to see how they deliver Exploring Computer Science so I was particularly interested to hear how other areas of the country implemented their CS curriculum. Read more about Visiting Omaha, Nebraska for the CSTA 2018 conference[…]

Scratch Conference – Bordeaux 2017

I’ve just returned from the excellent Scratch worldwide conference in Bordeaux, France. The people attending were great, the food and drink amazing, and the sessions all extremely engaging! Thanks to everyone who attended my workshop / sessions over the past few days. The various resources can be found below… Wednesday Raspberry_Pi_UH_Scratch_2017 (session introduction) NR_Pibrella_Scratch_session (session resources) Read more about Scratch Conference – Bordeaux 2017[…]