Getting started with algorithms

I recently wrote a blog post for the Switched on Computing website, which is Rising Star’s excellent scheme of work for primary schools. It contains links to a range of tools for teaching the principles of computer programming and can be found here:  

Using Scratch across the curriculum

By Neil Rickus on Google+ As schools move towards implementing the new Computing curriculum, many are choosing to link programming skills into their existing subject topics, with some key theories / principles being taught in discrete lessons. Outlined below are five cross-curricular Scratch projects linked to other subjects. I have listed the projects in order Read more about Using Scratch across the curriculum[…]

My thoughts on the York Raspberry Jam

By Neil Rickus on Google+ Last Saturday (8th June 2013), I attended the highly enjoyable York Raspberry Jam ( at the University of York’s National Science Learning Centre ( Having previously taught at the centre, I knew what an excellent venue it was and, unsurprisingly, the event was a sell out! For those of you who Read more about My thoughts on the York Raspberry Jam[…]