May 29, 2018

CSTA 2018 – Presentations and resources

My presentations and resources for the CSTA 2018 conference in Omaha, Nebraska, can be found below:

What have we learned in the four years since the Computing curriculum was introduced?

Presentation – or

English Computing National Curriculum –

Hello World magazine –

Royal Society “After the reboot” report –  

Computing in the classroom: Tales from the Chalkface –

Phil Bagge blog post on “Learned Helplessness” –

Scratch: A way to Logo and Python –

Alice, Greenfoot, and Scratch – A Discussion –

CAS Forum post –

CAS Blog post –

More to Computing than just coding –

An introduction to the BBC micro:bit through storytelling / curriculum links

Presentation – or 

Computing Unplugged further reading – 1- 2 – 3- 4 –

Jam Sandwich algorithm resources – Version used at CSTA 2018 – sandwich_algorithm adapted from –

Using children’s literature as a springboard to teaching early computing concepts: a
design-based research methodology – and book list –

Hands on with the micro:bit –  or

“The Iron Man” by Ted Hughes (text) –

micro:bit of things site –