Live Lesson – Daily Dose with Dr Chip

Thanks for taking part in my live lesson! If you want to view the content again, a HD version is available on YouTube here –

You can see programs made by some of the children that took part in the live lesson here –

Outlined below are all the links you need, including the example programs and step by step instructions. Feel free to post links to the programs you’ve made in the comments below, or share them on Twitter –


Scratch – Click on the link, followed by “Create” in the top left of the screen

Example programs:

Rearrange the blocks –

One question –

Two questions –

Score –

Complete program (including high score) –

Step by step instructions:

My Scratch booklet can be found downloaded here – Programming with Scratch booklet v3 The instructions for the quiz are outlined in Activity 2 (page 8 onwards)

Enhancing your program:

  • Add more sprites (characters on the screen)
  • Add your own sounds (Hint: click the Sounds button in the top left of the screen, then the speaker icon at the bottom left of the screen)
  • Make the character move or dance when an answer is correct (Hint: look in Motion)
  • Add in a score (instructions on pg. 10 – 11 of the Scratch step by step instructions booklet)
  • Adjust the score to decrease when the user gets a question wrong (Hint: change the score by -1)
  • Get the character to include the user’s answer when they speak – e.g. “Well done. The answer was 10” (Hint: you’ll need to use a Join block from Operators)
  • Change the background when the score reaches ten (Hint: add an if, then block to check the score and perform an action if Score = 10)
  • Make the sprite ask a question again if the answer is incorrect

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