April 29, 2013

Training / Workshop / Consultancy – e-Safety

We are able to deliver a range of e-Safety and cyber-bullying sessions to staff and pupils. In addition to this, we can deliver presentations to parents and advise the leadership team / ICT / Computing co-ordinator on e-Safety strategy and acceptable use policies (AUP).

Our training can be tailored to your school’s specific needs. Details of typical sessions are outlined below:

Teachers: (Half-day / twilight)

  • Outline dangers posed by different technologies for both teachers and pupils
  • Discuss how to keep pupils and staff safe online, including guidance on using social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Ensure safe technology use for pupils (linked to AUP / cyber-bullying policy)
  • Raise awareness of e-Safety and cyber-bullying through activities to use with children

Pupil workshop: (Half-day to one week depending on the number of sessions required). Depending on the age of children, sessions may include:

  • Hands on lessons using a variety of learning styles with an experienced primary school teacher
  • Guidance on how to keep safe online inside and outside of school (linked to AUP / cyber-bullying policy)
  • Information about who to contact should they feel unsafe when using technology
  • Guidance on using social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), including making information private

Typically a one hour session with a class, although could be easily incorporated into one of our other workshops (e.g. develop an e-Safety app in our app development workshop or short-film in our animation workshop; create a cyber-bullying presentation during our Prezucation workshop)

Assembly: (20 minutes to one hour depending on content / age of children)

  • Presents an overview of dangers posed online and what pupils should do if they feel unsafe
  • Involves a range of images and video, plus participation from pupils and examples using the technology
  • Can be delivered to introduce the day’s / week’s e-Safety activities to the children
  • Alternatively, children could present their work from an e-Safety pupil workshop outlined above

Parents: (one hour presentation, followed by Q&A session)

  • Outline dangers of various technologies, especially those in the home
  • Discuss how to keep themselves and their children safe online
  • Provide practical steps to help educate their children and prevent access to unsuitable content
  • Present appropriate use of social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • May be delivered before, during, or after school

Strategy development:

  • Consultation process with the ICT co-ordinator and / or leadership team
  • Development of e-Safety, cyber-bullying and acceptable use policies (AUP) for your school
  • Inclusion of activities across the curriculum to promote e-Safety
  • Typically involves a day in school, followed by a process of policy development and review. Finally a half-day / twilight feedback session is undertaken with either the ICT co-ordinator, leadership team or the whole staff

How much does it cost?

The prices outlined below include an initial consultation with your school to ensure you’ll get the most from our training. Discounts are available for bookings of multiple training packages.

The above packages can be combined over the course of a few days. For example, one day might be spent by delivering training to teachers during the afternoon, followed by an after-school session for parents, then a full-day working with pupils. Schools may choose to reinforce the important messages from our e-Safety sessions by using our workshops to produce content linked to keeping safe at school.

Half day / twilight session: £300

Full day: £450

Two days: £800

One week: £1,600 (one day free!)

Strategy development: From £450