January 11, 2016

Highfields School

New Computing National Curriculum – click here

CPD Session resources

CPD Session 1 – Prezi and Slides

CPD Session 2 – Prezi and Slides

Grid of tablet (mainly iPad) apps

Web apps – Light bot; Turtle Academy Playground

Scratch v2 (online version) – click here (click on “Create” to begin coding!)

Programming with Scratch booklet v2 (PDF)

Task 4 backdrop – save the image below to your computer…


FlowGo / Go control

Kodu Game Lab User guide

Appshed (you’ll need to create a free account)

Touch Develop (you’ll need to create a free account)

Meeting with Kirsty

Cambridgeshire IT service – http://www.ccc-computing.org.uk/

Somerset eLiM – https://slp.somerset.org.uk/sites/edtech/SitePages/Primary%20Computing/Primary%20Computing.aspx

Switched on Computing – http://www.risingstars-uk.com/series/switched-computing

CAS Hubs – http://community.computingatschool.org.uk/users/map (Lincoln and Nottingham are your nearest)

BETT Show – http://www.bettshow.com/

E-safety – SWGFL – http://www.digital-literacy.org.uk/

Quickstart computing – http://primary.quickstartcomputing.org/

Barefoot computing – http://barefootcas.org.uk/

Code IT – http://code-it.co.uk/