Making Frogger in Scratch

A number of teachers I work with often program a version of the ZX Spectrum classic, Frogger – within Scratch.

A basic version can be found here – If you fancy a challenge, why not improve the game? You might want to:

  • • Include sound effects when the character moves / hits the enemies (Hint: look in Sound)

    • Change the Sprite to something different if it touches a butterfly (Hint: you’ll need to add a new Costume)

    • Get the butterflies to change direction (Hint: use a turn block)

    • Make the frog bounce across the stage if he touches the side (Hint: look in Motion)

    • Add objects, such as food, for the character to collect (Hint: add some extra Sprites and Hide them when touched)

    • Have different enemies, such as dogs or dinosaurs, on each level (Hint: only show certain sprites when a certain backdrop is selected)

    • Include a score or a timer (Hint: store the values using a variable)

    • Include additional levels (Hint: display a new background when the frog reaches the top of the screen)

Let me know if you enhance the game and I’ll share it online!