October 22, 2013

Teaching the new Primary Computing Curriculum

Is your primary school effectively teaching the new Computing Curriculum?

Are you able to deliver engaging lessons to teach your pupils about algorithms and programming?

Can you demonstrate to OFSTED you’re meeting the requirements of the revised National Curriculum Programme of Study?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, this training package is for you. The session combines training for all staff and a period of planning / consultancy with either staff or the ICT co-ordinator / management team.

What does the training / CPD package include?

Features of the new Primary Computing Curriculum
• Outline your statutory requirements since September 2014
• Provide you with plain-English descriptions and examples linked to the new Computing Curriculum areas of: Digital literacy; Computer science; Information Technology
• Highlight progression of skill across the curriculum and possible cross-curricular links within your school

Tools and techniques for teaching computer science, including programming / coding
• Activities for your classroom to develop programming concepts, including working away from the computer
• Hands on with free technologies, such as Scratch, to develop your pupils’ problem solving and thinking skills
• Developing your lesson plans and schemes of work to deliver effective, technology-rich sessions

School wide implementation
• How to effectively use your existing ICT capability to meet the requirements of the revised curriculum
• Techniques for managing and using new technologies, such as iPads
• Methods for assessing your pupils’ computing ability, plus how to demonstrate this to OFSTED

Who is the workshop for?

Typically management and teachers, although other staff members with an interest in the technology or those likely to be involved with lessons, such as teaching assistants, are welcome to attend.

How much does it cost?

Computing Champions’ training / CPD consistently receives excellent feedback. A selection of testimonials can be found here.

The price outlined below includes an initial consultation with your school to ensure you’ll get the most from our training and represents excellent value for money. Discounts are available for bookings of multiple training packages.

1.5 – 3 hour half-day / after-school session: £300

Full day: £450