Not using technology just for the sake of it

I’ve been to the BETT show on a number of occasions and I’m always impressed with the range of educational technology on display, in addition to often thinking “how can I justify buying this to the Head Teacher”! However, the show can be bewildering and, when deciding whether to purchase and ultimately use technology in the classroom, it’s vital we know what we’re trying to achieve and whether it is really transforming learning.

This is where the SAMR model comes in, which helps us determine the impact technology is having in the classroom. The model is summarised in the image below, which is taken from the Digital Learning Team page at Edinburgh CC: An interesting video on the topic can be found here: with the creator’s blog containing further information too:

SAMR model

Therefore, when we’re using technology, we should ideally be aiming for “modification” or “redefinition” of learning to gain the maximum benefit. It may not always be appropriate, or possible, to transform learning in this way, but we should certainly bear it in mind when we’re making our technology choices.