September 1, 2017

Parsons Green Prep

2018-19 academic year

Laptop CPD slides – or

2017-18 academic year

New Computing National Curriculum – click here

Session 1 – Prezi Parsons_s1_slides

Session 2 – Prezi Parsons_s2_slides

Session 1

Grid of tablet (mainly iPad) apps

Web apps – Light bot; Turtle Academy Playground

Session 2

Scratch v2 (online version) – click here (click on “Create” to begin coding!)

Programming with Scratch booklet v2 (PDF)

Task 4 backdrop – save the image below to your computer…



Kodu Game Lab User guide


Progression and schemes of work

Rising Stars – Switched on Computing website; Five steps to success; Progression of skills and knowledge across primary school

The ICT service website also gives good examples of progression for each theme, should certain units be unsuitable (click on “Key documents”)

An example Computing scheme of work for another school, which includes cross-curricular links and sample output, can be found here – Computing Champions Curriculum

Other examples

Progression in skill for the whole Computing curriculum can be found here – progression_in_skill (PDF), which is taken from the Computing at School / NAACE guidance here

With regards to programming technologies, progression could follow the example here – Progression in programming skill (PDF), with detailed further guidance on the whole curriculum in the scheme of work available from this site here (website). An alternative implementation can be found here – Progression in programming skill alternative (PDF)

An entire scheme of work, covering all areas of the Computing Curriculum, can be found here (website) from Somerset CC.

Details of how programming might be included within the Foundation stage can be found here – Programming within the Foundation Stage (PDF)

Other websites containing resources / schemes of work include:

Primary Computing website

Code-it website – including Sandwich Bot and when it went wrong

“Primary Pete” computing curriculum site

Espresso coding

Other technologies to look at



iMovie or Windows Movie Maker

Book Creator


Progression Pathways – CAS; Rising Stars

Makewaves Badges

Quickstart Computing