Scratch 3.0 and the micro:bit

Now work has quietened down slightly for the academic year, I’ve had a chance to play with the Beta version of Scratch 3.0, which can be found at The interface feels much cleaner and more in line with other block based programming environments, such as the Tickle app.

However, the area I’m most interested in is how Scratch 3.0 supports the micro:bit. Support for the device is currently at the “experimental prototype” stage and can be found at Initial testing shows it works brilliantly, with the two way communication between the device and the machine alleviating some of the more fiddly file management, which can be a barrier for some children. An example of the interface can be seen below:

I’ll have a more extensive play over the next few months and eventually include some “getting started” resources at my sister site – micro:bit for primary schools