Scratch Conference – Amsterdam 2015

Unfortunately, due to a rescheduled week of teaching teachers out in Kazakhstan, I’m unable to deliver my talk on, “All the programming parts of the English Computing National Curriculum for primary schools, using tablets”, at the Scratch Conference in Amsterdam.

During the talk, I had planned to introduce an updated version of my, “Grid of apps”, which identifies twenty-one apps for use in the primary classroom (ages five to eleven). The grid can be found here – Grid_of_apps_Summer_8_2015

I’ve recorded a short introduction to the grid, which explains the various columns and the four key apps – Daisy the Dinosaur, Scratch Jr, Hopscotch and Tynker. In addition to this, I’ve highlighted Pyonkee, which is an implementation of Scratch 1.4 for iPad.

I hope you find the grid useful and let me if it helps you in the classroom! If you need a quick link to this page, you can use –