June 27, 2014

Scratch Booklet

Update Summer 2018 – An updated version of the booklet for the release of Scratch 3.0 is now available, which includes extension activities for the micro:bit. Get it here! Programming with Scratch booklet v3


My booklet, Programming with Scratch – A step-by-step guide, linked to the English National Curriculum, for primary school teachers, is freely available to download. It is highly acclaimed and continues to have a five star rating on the TES Website.

This booklet allows teachers to undertake four activities, which cover (and exceed in places) the KS1 and KS2 programming elements of the 2014 Computing curriculum. In addition to step-by-step instructions, each activity contains an explanation for the relevant blocks of code. The booklet also includes a fifth activity, which covers some areas of the KS3 curriculum.

The booklet has been used to help train hundreds of both trainee and qualified teachers. It should ideally be used in conjunction with high-quality CPD, such as our Delivering the new Computing Computing Curriculum training.

The Scratch 2.0 booklet can be downloaded by clicking here – Programming with Scratch booklet v2  The Scratch 3.0 booklet can be found here – Programming with Scratch booklet v3 and also includes physical computing extension activities using the micro:bit. If sharing the booklet with others, please link to this page, which will always contain the most up to date version – https://computingchampions.co.uk/scratch/