Show and Share CPD

Recently, I organised a “Show and Share CPD” event for my school’s staff, which was inspired by Ross McGill’s (@TeacherToolkit on Twitter) blog post entitled, “Speed-Dating CPD: Bring and Brag” here.

The aim of the event was to demonstrate new uses of technology within the classroom, with a particular focus on how these had enhanced teaching and learning. However, rather than just having myself discussing the latest gizmo, other members of staff were invited / asked / cajoled into presenting a mini-session of five minutes, outlining what the technology was and how it had benefitted their teaching. By having a number of short sessions, those taking part learnt about a large number of relevant technologies in a short space of time and, if they felt a presentation wasn’t suitable, they weren’t forced to sit through an hour of pointless training. Topics covered included:

  • Classroom management and rewards with Class Dojo
  • Sharing documents with staff and pupils to obtain feedback through Google Drive
  • Creating apps to demonstrate knowledge across the curriculum with AppShed

Our event began with drinks and nibbles, along with a polite reminder to not drink and drive! This provided a relaxed start to the evening and, as we rarely get together as a whole staff, meant people had a brief chance to catch up before we began. Food and drink remained available throughout the evening.

Once all staff had arrived, a very brief introduction to the aims of the event was given, along with guidance on the logistics for the evening. The slides can be viewed here, with the document explaining the logistics, including session titles, available here. Staff were then split into groups, given a starting presentation and asked to attend six of the eight presentations. Organising the groups in this way meant attendees could skip sessions where they already knew about the technology, or where they could tell from the title it was not of interest. It also meant the presenters had a session free to view a fellow presenter if they wished. When each mini-session had run for the allotted five minutes, a bell was rung (rather enthusiastically by the Head of Music!), followed by a second bell after a one-minute change over period.

Following the event, excellent feedback was received from the Head Teacher, with a particular focus on the “buzz” evident in the room after the sessions. With regards to the CPD’s outcomes, I intend to survey staff in a month or so on what, if anything, they’ve implemented since undertaking the training. If running the event again, I would ask staff to formally record their next steps, which would allow me to carefully tailor further guidance and discussions.

If you’re planning an event yourself, do feel free to get in touch using the links on the right. Strict time keeping was certainly vital to the running of the evening and I felt it important to present myself, rather than just asking others to do so. A small gift to thank the presenters was also gratefully received by all. Good luck!