April 29, 2013

Training – Video games

Children love video games, so why not use them in the classroom? Computing Champions can show you how to engage children using games based technology, such as the Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360, and provide links to a variety of curriculum areas (let us know if you require a particular curriculum focus). We’ll also help you prepare for the inevitable questions from parents when they find out their child has been, “playing video games all day at school”!

What does the training involve?

All training can be tailored to your school’s specific needs. A typical session includes:

  • Why use video games in schools?
  • Overcoming barriers (e.g. cost and reluctant parents)
  • Experimenting with a range of video games on different platforms, with activities linked to curriculum areas
  • Uses in the classroom and follow up activities

Who is the training for?

Typically management and teachers, although other staff members with an interest in the technology or those likely to be involved with lessons, such as teaching assistants and governors, are welcome to attend. When running these sessions, we often find people just “pop-in”, to see what’s going on!

How much does it cost?

The prices outlined below include an initial consultation with your school to ensure you’ll get the most from our training. Discounts are available for bookings of multiple training packages. 

Half day / twilight session: £300