May 4, 2013

Workshop – Prezucation

Traditional presentation software often fails to motivate pupils and limits opportunities to demonstrate their creativity. Do they need a Prezucation? This workshop uses free, cloud-based technologies to allow pupils to create engaging presentations containing free-flowing images, sound, video and text. The work produced can be linked to a topic of your choice, or why not combine this Prezucation workshop with one of our e-Safety sessions.

View some more of our Prezis here, or see what other people are currently making here

What does the training involve?

All workshops can be tailored to your school’s specific needs. We typically introduce Prezi during these sessions, although other technologies, such as Glogster, can also be used:

  • What makes a good presentation
  • Introduction to Prezi – the zooming, collaborative presentation tool
    • Adding and manipulating content
    • Moving and zooming around the canvas
    • Viewing and sharing content
    • Getting creative and making your first Prezi
    • Writing, editing and adding content as appropriate (depending on prior knowledge / class work, the session can include guidance on Internet research)
    • Linking content to “Wow!” the audience, including adding animations, sound effects, video, etc
    • Publish work and share with other members of the group
    • Parental showcase – parents / carers visit school and see what the children have produced during the day

Who is the workshop for?

The session outlined above is suitable for able Y3 children and upwards, with older children able to produce increasingly sophisticated presentations.

How much does it cost?

The prices outlined below include an initial consultation with your school to ensure you’ll get the most from our training. Discounts are available for bookings of multiple training packages.

The length of the workshop depends on children’s prior knowledge and the amount of content to be produced during the day. Why not have a session with one class in the morning and another in the afternoon?

Half day: £250

Full day: £400